1st Prize at the HEAT award 2019 for NHS Digital and TEL Innovator


Dr Neil Vaughan has been awarded 1st Prize at the NHS Health Education and Training (HEAT) award 2019 for Digital and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Innovator.

Neil-Vaughan-Heat-recipient  Neil-Vaughan-Heat-recipient

Dr Vaughan attended the finalists award ceremony at the Royal College of Physicians in London to receive the award from Sir David Behan, Chair of Health Education England (HEE) and Prof. Ian Cumming the Chief Executive of HEE, from Health Education England (HEE). This was a national competition which received over 800 nominations which were shortlisted over a number of phases by external independent adjudicators.

The prestigious HEAT awards celebrate and recognise the very best in leadership, education, training and workforce development within the NHS.

Dr Neil Vaughan’s research in medical technology, VR and AI demonstrates impact and capability of VR and AI in medical applications. This received strong support with a research fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) and previously received a string of international awards from the IET, BCS, EPSRC, NHS and ASME. Dr Vaughan commented: “It is excellent to receive another innovation award. This demonstrates the creativity and impact of this high profile leading research, which has formed strong collaborations between NHS, academia and industry.”

Neil-Vaughan-Heat-recipient  heat-award

The inaugural HEAT Awards (Healthcare Education and Training) were organised by Health Education England (HEE) for the first time in 2019. The HEAT Awards bring together a range of local and regional awards schemes that have been previously been run by HEE and the leadership awards previously run by NHS Leadership Academy.

Between January and April 2019,  the HEAT Awards received nearly 800 nominations from all sectors across the UK including NHS, Industry and academia. The 800 award nominations were carefully judged by external experts and whittled down to a final shortlist, with only 3 finalists in each category. The shortlist was announced in May 2019 on the HEE website: https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/heat-awa

winners-group heat_award

The finalists for the 2019 HEAT Awards were invited to take part in a very special awards event held on 18th July 2019 at the Royal College of Physicians in London, combined with the annual HEE conference 2019. Many high profile attendees were present from across sectors.

Neil-Vaughan-Heat-recipient Neil-Vaughan-Heat-recipient

The ceremony at the Royal College of Physicians took place in the historical Library where winners were announced. Awards are signed by Sir David Behan, Chair of Health Education England (HEE) and Professor Ian Cumming the Chief Executive of Health Education England (HEE).

The official twitter announcements were updated with regular updates throughout the award ceremony #HEATawards #HEE @uochester


Dr Neil Vaughan received the HEAT award 2019 as Digital and Technology Enhanced Learning Innovator.


Invited Research Seminar at Loughborough University: ‘Artificial Intelligence in Medicine’

Dr Neil Vaughan gave an Invited Research Seminar at Loughborough University which is independently ranked 8th in the UK. The seminar was titled ‘Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.’ This seminar attracted a lot of interest and potential collaboration with good attendance and it was covered on the Department of Computer Science research seminar series website.

Loughborough Research Seminar
Dr Neil Vaughan gives an invited Research Seminar at Loughborough  University

Certificate Award for Journal Editorial Review Contributions

Dr Neil Vaughan has been awarded a certificate to commemorate contributions to the editorial review process in academic journals. Since 2010 he has been involved with the review and editorial processes for various journals including Elsevier Medical Engineering & Physics (MEP) , Editor of the Journal of Behavioural Robotics, Elsevier Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIIM). 

Certificate for Journal Review Contributions

Certificate for Journal Review Contributions

Brexit Researcher Debate – House of Commons

On Brexit voting day, Dr Neil Vaughan attended Westminster for the Brexit debate on Scientific Research, live on BBC Parliament TV with the MPs and lords at Voice of the Future 2019 live from Westminster Palace. Organised by the Royal Society of Biology. Live media coverage are available on the UK Parliament website. Dr Vaughan’s questions related to Medical technology and artificial intelligence.

House Speaker
House Speaker

The further detailed news event can be found on RSB website and the Voice of the Future website.

Fellow’s Day – Royal Academy of Engineering

Dr Neil Vaughan was selected to give a demonstration at the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Fellows Day, 4th February 2019.

VR Demo at Fellow's Day RAEng
VR Demo at Fellow’s Day RAEng
VR Demo at Fellow's Day RAEng
VR Demo at Fellow’s Day RAEng

The Fellow’s day organised by the RAEng is an opportunity for Fellows from around the world to come together for an information evening on the work the Academy does and a networking event to showcase research at the Academy.

The setup contained an interactive demonstration during the exhibition to showcase my research. The setup exhibit contained my working demonstration of  Virtual Reality (VR) medical training simulator.

House of Lords: All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group

On 28th Nov Dr Neil Vaughan took part in discussions in the House of Lords with the All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group (APPEG), chaired by the Professor the Lord Baron Broers, past Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Cambridge.

House Of Lords
House Of Lords

2018 is the Government’s Year of Engineering: a year-long campaign to tackle the engineering skills gap and widen the pool of young people who join the profession. Chaired by Lord Broers and organised by Government Envoy Stephen Metcalfe MP, Lord Willis of Knaresborough, Chi Onwurah MP and Chris Green MP. This follows Dr Neil Vaughan’s previous engagements and ongoing commitment with UK parliament, government and House of Commons since SETforBritain in 2010. Next year Dr Vaughan will attend Voice of the Future 2019. Dr Neil Vaughan’s agenda will include increasing UK research council funding in Medical Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This provides good opportunity for direct communication with UK Parliament and Government.